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At Healthpoint, we connect more people to better healthcare through simple, excellent digital solutions, providing health information everyone can trust. Our platforms share relevant, accurate messages and data that is easily available, wherever and whenever you need it.

Our solutions

Keeping communities safer by prioritising clinically relevant information for GPs and healthcare providers, Medinz is proven to deliver messages fast and effectively. It is the communications of choice for New Zealand’s primary care providers to manage Covid-19 and other contagion outbreaks and natural disasters, and to provide better everyday care.

Medinz app with a COVID-19 alert

In New Zealand, there are four ways Medinz provides efficiency and success.


Medinz: Speed

Critical messages are delivered quickly to phone and desktop before the next patient arrives.


Gives full coverage for recipient organisations and lets them manage their internal staff communications.


Medinz Sensitivity

Publishers send key messages to the right practitioner, at the right place, at the right time.


Medinz Simplicity

Our expert team have a proven track record to lead implementation across different professional groups.

Medinz gives transparency from publisher to practitioner to patient.

Healthpoint: Emergency Planning-ERPT and ResilienceTec

Supporting primary care providers and small and medium enterprises to plan and recover from unplanned events such as power outages, systems failures, natural disasters and pandemics.

Healthpoint is New Zealand’s national health services directory. We enable equal access to detailed health service information, supporting people to navigate and better engage with the health sector.

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We’re Australia and New Zealand’s trusted experts, bringing people and healthcare practitioners fairer access online – where and when you need it.

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