New Covid-19 Safe plan module added to the ERPT

March 25, 2021

In February 2021 the new Covid-19 safe plan module was included into the ERPT.

A Covid safety plan for businesses is mandatory in some states of Australia and this new module is designed specifically for general practice.

The module `Covid Safety Plan’ has been developed in collaboration with the RACGP and helps a practice build their own Covid safety plan.
The objectives of the module are to help protect the safety and wellbeing of all team members, patients, contractors and visitors and acknowledging there are additional precautions required during this pandemic which are outlined in detail in the Covid safety plan.

What is covered?
There is comprehensive pre-populated text on the following, but the practice has the ability to embellish or add to:

• Practice access and patient flow.
• Physical distancing.
• Infection control training.
• Use of PPE.
• Environmental cleaning and management.
• Record keeping.
• Practice team management and limiting interactions in closed spaces.
• Responding to a positive case, or close contact, in the practice team.
• Plan review.
• Public health unit contact numbers for all states.